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Released ruby-nmap 1.0.0!

Released ruby-nmap 1.0.0! This major release switches to the brand new command_mapper library (which handles mapping in nmap options to class attributes), adds support for more nmap options, and improves parsing of structured NSE script output data from nmap XML output. See the UPGRADING guide on how to upgrade from 0.10.0 to 1.0.0.

artfactory gem in Action - Generate Pixel Art Via Text-To-Image Prompts

Hello, In the ongoing learn pixel art programming with ruby series I put together a new artfactory gem that let’s you generate pixel art via text-to-image prompts - no A.I. training or models needed / required ;-). The “magic” works via all-in-one image spritesheets (and meta datasets in .csv). To get you started I “right-clicked & saved” about a dozen “on-blockchain” artwork layers for easy “off-blockchain” (re)use. Happy pixel pushing and profile pict(ure) pixel art generation with ruby.

25 Days of Punk (Pixel) Head / Character Art Collections - December 1st to 25th

Hello, Some years ago I used to organize and publish “25 Days of Ruby Gems - Ruby Advent Calendar 2020, December 1st - December 25th” and such (ironically I am cancel-cultured and perma-banned twice in the ruby world, that is, on r/ruby and ruby-talk (- see the (Ruby) Case Studies @ Choose A Conduct for the backstory). Anyways, let’s (re)try and revive the tradition with a punk (pixel) art twist (or is that pivot?). The idea is to publish a (free ruby pixel art programming how-to) article a day starting December 1st, 2022 that shows how you can put together (yes, you can!) do-it-yourself (DIY) a punk (pixel) art collection (from scratch). Yes, in ruby. You are more than welcome to “claim” a day and sign-up for an article in the series. .

[ANN] Perfect Shape 1.0.6 Released

PerfectShape is a collection of pure Ruby geometric algorithms that are mostly useful for GUI (Graphical User Interface) manipulation like checking viewport rectangle intersection or containment of a mouse click point in popular geometry shapes such as rectangle, square, arc (open, chord, and pie), ellipse, circle, polygon, and paths containing lines, quadratic bézier curves, and cubic bezier curves, potentially with affine transforms applied like translation, scale, rotation, shear/skew, and inversion (including both the Ray Casting Algorithm, aka Even-odd Rule, and the Winding Number Algorithm, aka Nonzero Rule). Additionally, PerfectShape::Math contains some purely mathematical algorithms, like IEEE 754-1985 Remainder.

Dual Booting With Engines and Gems ( Blog)

Dual Booting aims to solve when upgrading a Rails application, so we can borrow the dual booting idea and apply it to a gem: The gem adds compatibility with the next Rails version, without losing compatibility with the current one, allowing us to modify the gem at any point during the upgrade process ensuring that the latest version of the gem is compatible with both Rails versions. [more inside]

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