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Rauversion 🤘 The self-hosted music industries built on Rails 🤘

We’re excited to share this release with you all: a fresh take on music streaming platforms, reminiscent of SoundCloud and Bandcamp, but with some unique features that cater to artists, music enthusiasts, and event hosts alike. Built using the power and flexibility of Rails and Hotwire, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved and would love to hear your feedback! [more inside]

rubidity-typed gem - "zero-dependency" type machinery for rubidity

Hello, as a follow up to Rubidity - Ruby for Layer 1 (L1) Contracts with “Off-Chain” Indexer I have published the first “zero-dependency” rubidity gem. Let’s welcome the rubidity-typed gem bundling-up the “zero-dependency” type machinery incl. (frozen) string, address, uint256, contract and more for rubidity for easy (re)use and experiments. It’s still (very) early. I invite you to join the fun and let’s explore and learn together building a type machinery in ruby.

Integration patterns for distributed architecture

Distributed architectures have been growing in popularity for quite a while for some good reasons. The rise of cloud services making the deployments simpler, as well as the ever-growing complexity of the applications, resulted in a shift away from monolithic architecture for many technical ecosystems. Microservices have emerged as an alternative solution offering greater modularity, scalability, reliability, agility, and ease of collaboration between multiple teams. Nevertheless, these benefits don’t come for free. The price to pay could be significant due to many factors, and one of them is dealing with some challenges that don’t necessarily happen when working on a monolith. One of such challenges is establishing the best way of integration and communication between services. [more inside]


Ever wanted to modify an ENV variable, an instance or class variable (e.g. on Config) for the duration of a block or for all tests of a “describe” group? This pattern emerged repeatedly in my suites and as I don’t like to bloat my test/spec helper, about time for the lightweight and dependency-free minitest-substitute gem. Drop cumbersome before and after handling with one or more easy to read with "ENV['FOO']", "bar" or with "@run_at", on: Config { } declarations. Happy testing!

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