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Rubysmith 1.0.0 - A command line tool for building Ruby projects

Happy to announce the release of Rubysmith 1.0.0 which provides a command line tool for building new Ruby projects quickly. Even better, it’s built on Ruby 3.1.0 and you get a ton of tooling often needed when crafting professional Ruby projects beyond the basic hobby setup. Everything is fully customizable with support for local or global settings too. You only need to type gem install rubysmith && rubysmith --build my_new_project to get started. 🎉

Las Dos Fridas (Anno 2022) And More - New Pop Art Image Helpers

Hello, In the ongoing pixel art programming series - yes, in ruby - I have put together some pop art image helpers inspired by Andy Warhol classics such as Double Elvis (Anno 1963), Thirty Is Better Than One (Anno 1963), Two Hundred Is Better Than One (Anno 1963) and some more. Yes, you can - turn your pixel art into modern pop art classics / originals. See the Double Frida (Anno 2022), Triple Frida (Anno 2022), Forty-Two Fridas Is Better Than One (Anno 2022) and some more samples to get your started. Happy New Year 2022! Happy Pixel Programming with Ruby.

Glimmer DSL for LibUI Non-Native Custom Controls

One of Glimmer DSL for LibUI’s greatest assets is that it renders native GUIs on every platform. That said, there might be cases where there is a need for non-native GUI controls like needing to render very large GUI controls for people with vision disabilities and the elderly or needing to build applications with brand new visual concepts like traffic control management apps and diagramming tools. Thankfully, the majority of native GUI toolkits offer non-native control support too, and Glimmer DSL for LibUI is no exception! [more inside]

Rails 7 brings Import Maps into the limelight blog by Nipun Paradkar

Rails 7 is bringing a paradigm shift to the JavaScript ecosystem. One of the reasons we love Rails is because the devs are not afraid to do big changes to challenge the status quo. Import Maps is not something new that Rails 7 came up with. But it’s something that needs a push to escape the mess, that is the current JavaScript ecosystem. We all want to write next-generation JavaScript. And doing so forces us to learn and use various build tools. Many browsers have already started supporting various new features of the ECMAScript Specification. ES Modules being one of them. Rails 7 brings Import Maps into the limelight, blog by Nipun Paradkar

I Love Ruby on Youtube

Hello All, Years ago, I wrote a book called I Love Ruby, now I am putting Youtube tutorials under the same name here I am planning to put one video tutorial every 3 days. Hope its useful to people starting out with Ruby. [more inside], Your link is broken bro …
@JAKC WU: It is fixed now ;)

53 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage

Here at RubyGarage we work closely with Ruby and Ruby on Rails technologies. We like Ruby for its resourcefulness and vibrant community, while Ruby on Rails is appreciated for its multiple ready-made solutions that allow for rapid software development. [more inside]

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