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Glimmer DSL for LibUI Refined Table Pagination/Filtering

Glimmer DSL for LibUI v0.5.16 ships with a brand new alpha custom control called refined_table, which supports pagination and filtering, thus able to handle tens of thousands of rows with no problem. A new example, Paginated Refined Table, demonstrates the new custom control. refined_table was used in the Rubio Radio application to enable browsing 10,000 top radio stations with excellent performance and usability. [more inside]

require 'cocos' - New Auto-Include Quick-Start Prolog & Prelude Gem

Hello, the idea behind the new require ‘cocos’ - that is, the ruby code commons (cocos) quick-starter prolog & prelude gem / library - might not be new and is inspired by the haskell prelude(s) or dare I say the all-inclusive require ‘activesupport’ from railsland. What would you auto-require & include in your ruby prolog & prelude? Why & why not? Anyways, I put together a first version and have started out with what I use day-in-day-out in the ruby scripts (off-rails). Cheers. Prost.

Have your say! Claim a free day! Ruby Digital Identity & Metaverse Week 2022 Upcoming

Hello, I am trying to restart the Best of Gems series over on Planet Ruby and I am adding extending the deadline for two more weeks for you to join in / contribute. Let’s celebrate Ruby Digital Identity & Metaverse Week 2022 (FREE ARTICLES SOON!). The Ruby Digital Identity & Metaverse Week 2022 presents a new Ruby profile picture / avatar character generation (graphics) library every day from August 15th to August 21st. Have your say! Claim a free day! Let’s highlight graphics libraries for generating digital identity profile pictures or metaverse avatar characters from the Ruby universe. Cheers. PS: Need some ideas? See the D.I.Y. Punk (Pixel) Art (Programming in Ruby) channel.

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