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ruby-install 0.8.3 released

ruby-install 0.8.3 has been released. This version explicitly pins the homebrew openssl dependency to openssl@1.1. OpenSSL 3.0 was released this month and is now available in homebrew. Unfortunately, ruby’s openssl bindings are still working on OpenSSL 3.0 support, so attempting to compile any current ruby version against OpenSSL 3.0 from homebrew will result in a compilation error. Until all actively supported versions of Ruby support OpenSSL 3.0, ruby-install will continue to compile against openssl@1.1 on macOS with homebrew.

Mobile ruby development with Rhodes

New release of Rhodes cross-platform solution. New version 7.4 support latest iOS, Android versions and also Sailfish, Linux, Windows, Mac OS etc(supported mobile and desktop OS). Rhodes fully open source with MIT Licence. GitHub: Rhodes solution similar to Electron.js but based on RoR-like local server instead of Node.js local server - UI the same based on WebView. Brief introduce into Rhodes: “Introducing into Rhomobile solution for developers”

Ruby Pixel Art Programming Challenge #1 - 10 000 Dotty Spotty “Currency” Punks

Hello, Anyone remember the Plany Ruby Quiz - a fortnightly programming challenge? Yes, we are back with an artistic twist. Let’s start / try a new fortnightly pixel art / punk art programming challenge. Yes, in ruby. How does it work? Let’s pick a theme and then it’s up to you - yes, you can - to put together a new punk collection with your own artistic interpretation / generation script. Yes, in ruby. Let’s kick off with a theme inspired by Damien Hirst’s “The Currency” token art parody or is that cash grab with a paper with a bunch of random circles starting at $2000 a piece? Let’s generate 10 000 free dotty spotty punks. For example - turn every colored pixel in the 24x24 bitmap into a circle and maybe use different-sized variants of circles and maybe use a random offset “distortion” for the circle placement and so on. Yes, you can. Learn more and join us. Happy pixel pushing with ruby. ++ Update To get you started I put together a spots script that generates more than a dozen spotty dotty “currency” punk variants incl. a 2x version with quadruple pixels all turned into random ~circles~ spots.

ffi-libc 0.1.1 has been released

ffi-libc 0.1.1 has been released. This release fixes a major bug, where ffi-libc was still binding the libc global variables sys_errlist and sys_nerr, which glibc had deprecated and then removed, causing ffi-libc to not load. These variables are still available on BSD libc implementations. If the variables are not available, ffi-libc will ignore the FFI error and continue loading the rest of ffi-libc. [more inside]

New job, new massive Rails codebase. Where do you even get started?

How do you add features to a codebase that is massive, scary, and completely new to you? The first day at a job is like the first day at a new school: you feel awkward, lost, and confused. But what if you could feel confident collaborating with your new team? What if you knew how to navigate any codebase? This post will help you get started at your new developer job. [more inside]

Aaron Patterson (tenderlove) live session about TenderJIT: A JIT Compiler for Ruby

Join a live programming session with Aaron Patterson (tenderlove) about TenderJIT: A Pure Ruby Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler. We’re going to start building a JIT for Ruby from the ground up. Learn how Ruby’s virtual machine works and more about the CPU itself, and how to build a just-in-time compiler using Pure Ruby.

punks.starter Update - New Sample Collection №4 - 111 Aliens (Incl. Females & Apes)

Hello, I added a new sample collection to /punks.starter - the free pixel art collection quick starter package that lets you generate algorithmically your own curated (or randomized) collections. Yes, in ruby. Let’s welcome Collection №4 - 111 Cool Blue Aliens (Incl. Females & Super-Rare Apes). Let’s generate a pixel-perfect copy of all nine super-rare cool blue humanoid aliens in the original Larva Labs series in the classic 24×24 format and for fun let’s add a hundred more super-rare never-before-seen aliens incl. females and apes. Happy pixel pushing and minting with ruby.

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