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  Last Friday

Vite-lizing Rails: get live reload and hot replacement with Vite Ruby

Recently, AnyCable author Vladimir Dementyev upgraded his AnyCable demo application to Ruby 3 and Rails 7 with its new asset management tooling. As a result, assets:precompile became fast as lightning, but we lost one important productivity feature along the way: live reloading. Now, with this Vite Ruby setup, we’ve got Rails with live reloading and hot replacement ready to go! Vite-lizing Rails: get live reload and hot replacement with Vite Ruby

New Glimmer DSL for LibUI Apps: RubyCrumbler and Rubio-Radio

Every once in a while, I get approached by people who ask a lot of questions about my Glimmer Ruby gems, but never complete any work in them, which is quite surprising given the fact that it takes less than a minute to run a Glimmer sample, less than 10 minutes to write one, less than an hour to build a small desktop app, and less than a day to build an app MVP (Minimum Viable Product). That is why I am very happy to learn that a couple of apps have been recently built with Glimmer DSL for LibUI by open-source developers who fully walked the walk, not just talked the talk. [more inside]

PKCE 0.0.0 - An OAuth companion gem

In the off chance you are working with OAuth and need a gem which implements the Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) specification, then my new PKCE gem might be of interest. It’s a simple gem with a simple API for obtaining the verify and challenge codes you’ll need. Enjoy!

Speeding up views rendering in Rails 4

It is well known that rendering views and partials in Rails is somewhat slow compared to other frameworks. In one particular part of the Rails migration for a large corporate client of ours, I had to migrate an endpoint rendering ~ 200 views. Using the standard render approach, the request took ~ 23s. Now, it’s down to ~ 300ms. [more inside]

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