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punks.starter Update - New Sample Collection №2 - The First One Hundred Punks

Hello, I added a new sample collection to /punks.starter - the free pixel art collection quick starter package that lets you generate algorithmically your own curated (or randomized) collections. Yes, in ruby. Let’s welcome Collection №2 - The First One Hundred Pixel Art Punks. Yes, you can. Generate a pixel-perfect copy of the first one hundred punks in the original Larva Labs series in the classic 24x24 format or with a 20x zoom (480x480). Happy pixel pushing and minting with ruby.

A gem for distributed locking based on Google Cloud Storage

I wrote a gem for distributed locking based on Google Cloud Storage. It can be used for ensuring mutual exclusion in workloads that span multiple machines. I use this for ensuring mutual exclusion in Fullstaq Ruby’s Github Actions pipeline. Before writing this library I spent quite some time in designing the algorithm, addressing caveats (particular all the dangers that could happen outside the happy path) and ensuring correctness. I blogged about this some time ago. Compared to Redis-based locks (such as Redlock), this library is safer because it addresses the critiques documented by Martin Kleppmann.

Let's Rewrite the Solidity (JavaScript-like) CryptoPunksData Contract in Ruby

Hello, I’ve written up an article titled Inside the CryptoPunksData Contract - Decoding the On-Chain Assets (11 Archetypes and 122 Attributes) and Color Palette for Easy (Re)Use “Off-Chain” that rewrites the original “on-chain” CryptoPunksData contract code in Solidity (JavaScript-like) in - surprise, surprise - ruby that you can run - surprise, surprise - offline and offchain in your own home for free and forever (the punkdata scripts are dedicated to the public domain.) Happy pixel art programming with ruby. PS: Want to generate your own punks (in ruby)? See Run Your Own Free Decentralized Autonomous Punk Generator Contract / Service (Offline and Offchain) in Your Own Home to get started.

Rubysmith + Zeitwerk Support

Hey everyone. 👋 I’ve recently released Rubysmith with Zeitwerk support. I’ve written up an article explaining the details in case it’s of help/interest when building your own Ruby projects with a lot of the boilerplate automated for you. 🎉

Rspec and Redis Testing Setup

We’ve started using Redis for caching API calls, especially for external calls, where we don’t need fresh data for at least a week. Is there a way to test this code without having Redis installed in a test environment? [more inside]

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