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Ruby Pixel Art Programming Challenge #2 - Cryptopunk Redux - Generative Modern Art

Hello, Let’s try another round in the ruby pixel art (graphics) programming challenge: Ruby Pixel Art Programming Challenge #2 - Cryptopunk Redux - Generative Art Taking Each of the 576 Pixels [from a Punk] from the Original Series and Placing the Pixels Randomly within the Same 24x24 Pixel Grid - Yes, You Can - Let’s Do A Free (Right-Click & Save Image) Edition / Share Your Pixel Art Scripts (in Ruby) ++ Let’s get inspired by the pre-currency (spots painting “Damien Hirst-style”) Cryptopunk Redux collection. The modern art (pixel art) collection blurb reads [..] Share your generative (pixel) art script(s) in ruby (on ruby-talk) or for an alternative join us on r/CryptoPunksDev - a channel mostly about - yes, pixel art programming in ruby. Bonus - for trying circles (“spots”) instead of square pixels / rectangles :-). Cheers. Prost.

Get ready for Rails 7.0: How to upgrade your Rails 6.x app from Classic to Zeitwerk

Zeitwerk is the code autoloader and reloader that was integrated with Rails 6. Beginning in Rails 7, it will be the only codeloader option. As a result, upgrading to Zeitwerk will be an important step in getting your application ready for the next version of Rails. In this article, we’ll talk about upgrading your Rails 6 application from classic to zeitwerk mode. [more inside]

The Story of a Critical Issue With Kafka

Recently, I’ve had an unfortunate opportunity to deal with a very unexpected issue with Kafka that had quite terrible consequences. The exact origin of the issue is yet to be discovered; nevertheless, the process leading to the final solution to the problem and the fix itself were interesting enough that I decided to write a quick blog post about it as it might be potentially valuable to someone who also encounters a similar problem. [more inside]

Glimmer DSL for LibUI Beta Release

Glimmer DSL for LibUI (Prerequisite-Free CRuby Desktop Development GUI Library) has been a passion project for the last 3 weeks that ended today with Glimmer DSL for LibUI becoming feature-complete and moving from Alpha to Beta. What is LibUI? LibUI is a thin Ruby wrapper around libui, a relatively new C GUI library that renders native controls on every platform (similar to SWT, but without the heavy weight of the Java Virtual Machine). [more inside]

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