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Video: How to use React with Rails 7

Rails 7 is coming and it has changed the way it deals with JavaScript (again). In this video tutorial, we’ll look art how to use React with Rails 7 using the default import maps method. This lesson is part of a new free course on full-stack Rails. In the next lessons, we’ll also look at using JavaScript bundlers (esbuild, rollup.js, Webpack) and gems like react-rails and react_on_rails to build a modern full-stack Rails 7 app. [more inside]

Signal handling in concurrent apps with Ruby and Polyphony

Polyphony is a library for writing highly concurrent Ruby apps. Polyphony harnesses Ruby fibers and a powerful io_uring-based I/O runtime to provide a solid foundation for building high-performance concurrent Ruby apps, while letting developers use stock Ruby core and stdlib classes and APIs. In order for provide a solid developer experience, Polyphony reimplements different parts of the Ruby runtime functionality, which are adjusted so developers will see a consistent and reliable behaviour. My latest article discusses the problem of signal handling in concurrent Ruby apps.

Glimmer DSL for Specification - Specification-First Engineering

Despite Ruby’s highly expressive nature, all testing toolkits written in Ruby are either imperative (e.g. using assert or expect), thus losing expressiveness and focusing software engineers on the wrong thing, or mix non-Ruby code with Ruby (e.g. cucumber & gherkin), thus missing out on the simplicity of Ruby. Glimmer DSL for Specification aims to provide a simple minimalistic and noun-based declarative syntax. [more inside]

Draw Color Repeat - Sandra's Samples

DCR (Draw Color Repeat) is a minimal subset of Logo that teaches computer programming to young children in elementary school. Sandra, an elementary school girl, was kind enough to share her own programs written in the DCR Programming Language. [more inside]

Punks, The William Shakespeare Edition - Super-Rare Never Before-Seen Pixel Portraits

Hello, in the ongoing pixel (art) programming series - yes, in ruby - I put together new samples. Let’s welcome Punks, The William Shakespeare Edition - Super-Rare Never Before-Seen (Pixel Punk) Portraits of the World’s Greatest Writer - Anno 2021. Yes, you can. (Re)generate super-rare never-before seen (pixel punk) portraits of the world’s greatest writer that you own 100% forever in your own home - see the genius/shakespeare script. Cheers. Prost.

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