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Ruby Gemverse Leaderboard - "I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself"

Hello, to answer the question what have you done for ruby (by publishing & updating gems, for example) I put together a new ruby leaderboard formula that counts the totals of new gems times two plus all updates (over all years). Note: Yes, you can use the gemvervse gem to calculate your own leaderboard score. The first standing (for reference) so far: - 244 Gems, 1652 Updates - Gerald Bauer; 134 Gems, 1642 Updates - Andrew Kane; 100 Gems, 773 Updates - Jan Lelis; 32 Gems, 149 Updates - Victor Shepelev … Happy data wrangling with ruby. PS: For another “real-world” leaderboard example see the Vienna.rb / Wien.rb - Ruby Meetup / Stammtisch in Vienna, Austria page.

gemverse gem - gem universe incl. rubygems API V1 wrapper lite; gem cache & more

Hello, interested in what you have been up to in the latest 10+ years in rubyland / gemverse? To (auto-)generate timelines for personal profiles or for “curated” collections I have started to put together a new gem, that is, gemverse, for easy (re)use. The gemverse incl. rubygems API V1 wrapper lite; gem version cache, gem timeline reports, ‘n’ more. For some first real-world sample pages see the gem timeline of Thomas Leitner, Gerald Bauer, Victor Shepelev or the Ruby Code Commons (COCOS) Collection. It’s still the early days. Questions, comments & suggestions more than welcome. Cheers. Prost.

whatson gem v2023 (incl. rubyconf, pycon, & more) - tools (using the event.db gem)

Hello, in a new gem series - oldies but goldies or is it ruby isn’t dead yet? - I try to update and polish hidden “forgotten” gems. Today let’s welcome the whatson gem, v2023 that incl. the rubyconf, pycon & more command-line tools (powered by the event.db gem machinery). Use $ rubyconf to list upcomfing ruby conferences with day countdowns & more (sourced via the planet ruby conference2023.yml datafile. Cheers. Prost. PS: Want to learn more about python? Use $ pycon ;-).

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