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Unlocking the Power of Value Objects: A Fresh Approach to Cleaner Ruby Code

Do you find yourself running into the complexities of managing database adapters, or even just the intricacies of your own codebase? Ever thought there could be a simpler, cleaner way to deal with these challenges?

I recently encountered an issue in RailsEventStore that led me down the path of exploring Value Objects—a highly underused yet tremendously powerful pattern in Ruby.

What did I discover?

  • Simpler, Cleaner Code: Value Objects helped me streamline code, eliminating unnecessary branches and repetitive checks. 🧹
  • Focused Testing: Tests became easier to write and more aligned with the core responsibilities of classes. 🎯
  • Extensibility: Adding new features or adapters was as simple as tweaking a line of code. 🪄 So why limit ourselves to the ‘Money’ example that is so often cited when discussing Value Objects? This pattern has so much more to offer in terms of reducing complexity and boosting maintainability.

Full story in my blog post

Whether you’re working on a small Ruby project or contributing to a larger ecosystem, Value Objects could be the game-changing approach you’ve been waiting for.

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