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DHH has a problem with Merb's "bullshit"

Rather unusually, a video of David Heinemeier Hansson commenting on Merb’s recent PR joust with Rails has cropped up on Vimeo. In it he appears to be fed up with the “amount of bullshit” coming from the Merb group. Whether this video was uploaded by David himself or not is uncertain (I believe he doesn’t like the initialism “DHH” so it seems odd for that to be his username).


The clip has indeed not been uploaded by me, but it’s indeed what I said at the Paris on Rails ‘08 Q&A. The clip is an outage of a larger answer, which included my praise for Sinatra and Vintage.

Also, I stand by the LOC-counting nonsense being bullshit. I also don’t think that Yehuda and crew are interested in pursuing that line of argument any more. There has indeed been less of that lately which is great.

Looks like someone’s trying to stir by putting that video up then..! Not that I’m going to discourage a bit of playful stirring, keeps life fun.

Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully people will be encouraged to go and see the full video.

Whats even sadder is listening to people moan and groan while sitting in front of them during the DataMapper session at RailsConf.

if anyone would like to skip the rest of the interview and just hear the section where he speaks of rails relative to merb, it begins within the minute following 22 minutes into the larger of the two torrent files.

why all the hatin’.

peace and love man.

I say keep up the bullshit. After all, we’ve had to deal with AR’s bullshit for years now because many of the shitty design decisions were the result of DHH using a shitty RDBMS called “MySQL”.

Polemical arguing about code in this way, it’s just – I don’t know how to say it – so LAME! I don’t know or care to know about the history… but I see it all the time and it reminds me of the immaturity of kids bullying and impressing upon each other on the playground …or perhaps Fox news, a pathetic “mine’s bigger” (or smaller in this case?) or “how oafishly offensive can I be to get attention” mentality.

The code is a tool to build or create with. Choose whichever one you want for the project in front of you, but don’t demean yourself by having to defend your choice by ripping another alternative tech. It’s noise.

Dan: True, although I think it works as motivation for some people. I’m not really into the whole bitchfest myself, but I know that competition is certainly one of my biggest drivers (minus the flamewars) :)

Peter: That’s the main goal - to force the code to get better. If it takes some screaming to make it better every now and then, so be it.

As someone who wants to see Ruby thrive in the enterprise, I do worry that these bitchy exchanges add to the perception that the Ruby community is unstable and/or elitist.

I’ve never seen this kind of thing in the Python or Perl worlds, even when opinions run strong.

Competition is good. Petty bickering? Not so much.

OK … I can buy that. But I also see it having a negative effect too – where people quit their efforts because they get tired of building tools, sharing them, and then getting into this whole game around every decision that went into it. And I honestly think that we get better code from more objective comparisons, and less dis. Maybe though, that’s all too boring ;)

ruby_roo: oh, man, this is tame compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen in Perl in the past. I can’t speak for Python, though.

DanNewman: well, I don’t see DHH quitting his efforts over what amounts to a relatively small tiff. I also think people seriously overestimate the impact these little arguments have. I’d guess for every person that’s paying attention there are 10 more completely oblivious (and happy to be so), nose to the grindstone, getting stuff done.

thank you.But I also see it having a negative effect too – where people quit their efforts because they get tired of building tools, sharing them, and then getting into this whole game around every decision that went into it good evining

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