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The Ruby and Rails community linklog

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Silent scream of RubyMotion

As you probably already noticed we have one user that is constantly posting something about RubyMotion. Usually I have nothing against promotion of products on RubyFlow from time to time, but in this case we’re talking about posting 10 posts within just 30 days, which is on average post every second work-day. I would call it SPAM.

Before writing this note I decided to do some research regarding those posts and product that is marketed, so I wouldn’t be accused of being biased. I described everything on separate blog post (due to character limit on RubyFlow).

As a final note I would like to ask for two things. First is for FluffyJack to post less often. I would gladly hear about RubyMotion once or twice per year, but not per week. On the other side it would be nice to see RubyFlow users a little more vocal about spam - please don’t use silent treatment when somebody else is buying Google position and free traffic using our community.


Couldn’t you just have e-mailed the guy directly or asked Peter to do so? As “annoying” as his posting may be to some (it doesn’t bother me on bit…I just overlook them given it’s not like 4 times a day), it’s considerably more shameful in my opinion to try to publicly castigate someone (and dismissing their work as something no one cares about to boot!) for no reason other than the mild irritation of a few extra posts in your feed.

It may be a good idea to take a step back from the computer and go outside for a little while. I really mean that in the best way possible. You will enjoy life much more.

Hi Quatardo, I would have to say I agree with Jeremy, this would have been much simpler to email me directly about. I have had a lot of great feedback from people saying they’ve found my work on here, and you are the first person (that I know of) to consider my posts spam. I’m very sorry to hear that you feel this way.

To hopefully make you feel slightly better about my posts, there was some false expectations. Links from here make none or almost no impact on my SERPs, as Google can see that I’m the author. I also hadn’t realised posting things behind a paywall was frowned upon as I’d see several others. I will stop that now, it helps traffic, but there is more help from my blog posts being mentioned in Ruby5, Ruby Weekly, and RubyMotionDispatch.

I think your concerns are extremely valid, and they’ll be at the forefront of my mind when I choose which content to post on here. Feel free to email me too, my email is I was hoping to email you instead of comment, but the quatardo username seems to be either an alias you’ve recently setup or only used on RubyFlow. The only profile I could find was this Github account created at the time this post was which you used to post the full article.

I do ask you to consider some things. I do create a lot of content for a niche part of the Ruby community, one that would benefit from more people writing for, as I talked about at this years RubyMotion conference. This leads to sharing it all in places people have said they like finding it.

The other is to please don’t go for the throat if you post things like this again. I have to say this was extremely hurtful, especially the personal attacks. It’s a scary choice putting your content out there, as you expect some reactions like this. I’m able to let this not effect me, but if it had been someone else, you may have just ruined a possible path of their career by making them feel too self-conscious to write more.

Remember I am a paid screencaster, this is part of my livelihood that I’ve put a lot of effort into, the just under 300 subscribers pay for my rent and bills so I can consult less and spend more time with family and friends. Had you deterred me, you may have had a lot larger impact on someones life than you realised, and definitely a larger impact than a small emotionally provoked post should have. Please consider the impact you can have on someone before posting things like this, not just publicly (which gladly it seems there has been no attention on this post here or on Twitter, including from the bots) but also emotionally.

Thank you for voicing your concerns though, it honestly is appreciated.

Final add, I do want to say, though hurtful to me, your intentions were extremely noble, looking out for the community you care about. I will definitely say kudos to that.

Personally speaking, I love the work FluffyJack is doing for Ruby and RubyMotion. I am not bothered, but rather appreciate that he takes the time to post his content here. Please continue to do it. It’s not hard to ignore the posts you don’t want to click.

I don’t care much about RubyMotion, but it seems entirely on-topic for this forum no matter what your preferred frequency of reading about it may be.

I actually very much appreciate FluffyJack’s posts. RubyMotion is a tremendous asset and I like to keep on top of it. It + Opal are essential to us in having a nice cohesive environment from server to client (including replacing JS with Opal). I think the advice to step away and / or just ignore posts is apropos here.

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