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Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found! A Solid 3rd Party Attempt at a Site for Ruby

Chris Ledet noticed the recent drama about the cruftiness of Ruby’s official site and immediately set to work on his own attempt. It’s called and it’s an impressive attempt in such a short time. Does it just splinter efforts or does it continue a proud tradition of reinvention in the Ruby community? We’ll see!


Eh…impressive? O_o

Not bad at all - it’d be nice to involve the community more however, and make it easier to contribute and update. Perhaps something like a public Jekyll repo on github that anyone can fork and submit pull requests back to. It’d go a fair bit further in helping keep the site maintained and up to date.

@sgrove, that’s what is. It’s open source and people already have contributed to the site.

See the source code on Github.

It’s a good idea but it’s not “solid” yet. The “news” and “community” pages are notably still absent. There are a large gaps to fill.

That said, let’s be about it.

And, @peterc, how about contributing there too?

@peterc It looks good, but it’s not solid. That site is missing most all of the content from and is English only.

I have already converted all of ( to Markdown and will be working with jd from the Ruby Visual Identity Team to merge it with their new Jekyll port (

@Chris did an awesome job. Ruby isn’t slow as well as its community.

Meh. IMO, fix the root problem, and work towards getting the original site better participation. Fighting over which site is the official/best one will tarnish Ruby’s professional appeal.

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