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React vs. Rails Components

I’ve heard a lot about this library called ViewComponent from Github, and I wanted to see what the excitement is all about. So after spending a few days playing with the library, I was surprised by what I found. [more inside]

An introduction to software quality and maintainable code

In this article, we talked about what software quality means, particularly when it comes to maintainable software. We learned what code coverage and code quality mean, and the difference between churn and complexity. Finally, we put together all our definitions and took a look at the file churn vs. complexity graph with a better understanding. [more inside]

Rubio-Radio Bookmarking & Async Gradual Fetching

Recently, I blogged about how I contributed Pagination/Filtering support to Rubio-Radio, an Internet radio application built with Ruby and Glimmer DSL for LibUI. Again, a Rubio-Radio GitHub Pull Request that I submitted for Bookmarking & Async Gradual Fetching features has been accepted and merged into the project by its owner. [more inside]

Protect Ruby on Rails applications against DoS and bots : Securing a web application is not trivial. Every feature and especially public exposed forms are potential security breaches. Any breach will eventually be exploited, even on small applications. For a long time, we have been looking for the best way to protect login and registration forms against brute force attacks and spam bots, often using a combination of techniques.

profilepic gem v0.1.4 - profile pic(ture) as a service library & command line tool

Hello, I updated the profilepic gem - the profile pic(ture) as a service library that includes more than fifteen image generators with built-in spritesheets, an “out-of-the-box” command line tool (& web service/server) and more. What’s new in v0.1.4? The latest profilepic version includes the world’s 1st historic free open-source public domain (no rights reserved) spritesheet-powered design your own Matt & John’s® Ye Olde’ Punk (Anno 2017) wizard and much more. PS: Have your say! Claim a free day! - Ruby Digital Identity & Metaverse Week 2022 Upcoming (SOON!), September 5th to September 11st - 7 Days of Ruby (Profile Picture & Avatar Character Generation) Gems. Yes, I am extending the deadline (again) for three weeks.

From byebug to ruby/debug

Switching to a new debugger and potentially changing your debugging process could be scary. So I hope this side-by-side comparison of byebug and ruby/debug can help you get familiar with ruby/debug and also make the transition smoother. [more inside]

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